Conceived, designed, and built by Mark Newell & Andrea Heins, Bampot is now run by Mark and Drash with the help of a crew of dedicated tea lovers. Bampot's goal has always been bring together individual passions and talents to create a community space full of warmth, comfort, and entertainment.

We're very passionate about everything we do here at Bampot because although Toronto has plenty of bars and cafes, there is a shortage of spaces that act as a public living room - and that's what we're here to give you.

What is a Bohemian Teahouse?

The Czech tea house tradition was started by a group of committed tea enthusiasts who continued to illegally import, brew, and sample tea during the communist era.

After the Velvet Revolution these daring souls opened up shop in Prague, and their passion for tea and its surrounding culture sparked what is now a major industry in the Czech Republic.

Today the country, which is less than 1/10th the size of the province of Ontario, is home to more than 300 tea houses.

After two visits to Prague to tour these tea rooms, their immense popularity is no mystery to us. The majority of customers seem to find there is something beyond the benefits of mere tea drinking that come with visiting a tea house.

Some have described it as a sense of ‘sanctuary’, while others say they love getting away from the usual noisy, bustling atmosphere you find in a crowded bar or a modern, laptop-filled coffee shop.

All of the staples for creating this type of ‘magic’ space are in evidence at Bampot: there is warm lighting, comfortable seating, a plethora of unique teas, affordable yet delectable food, games to play, tobacco-free hookahs to smoke, and above all an unhurried mode of operations that lets you order, lounge and leave at your own pace.

Our Tea

From the steamy depths of Assam, to the lofty peaks of Yunnan, Bampot stocks a dazzling array of the finest loose leaf teas in the world. We take the time to sift through the offerings of each year’s harvest so that we can offer you nothing but the best.

Black teas are available from every region and in every flavour imaginable, and we also have an extensive and frequently-updated collection of green, oolong, and white teas.

Our herbal and fruit infusions will come as a pleasant surprise to those trying to avoid caffeine – no bland, watery, faintly floral cups of hot water here.

With more than 30 blending components to work with we’ve developed some truly memorable brews that will drive thoughts of black tea right out of your head.

Most of our tea is served in teapots with a small drinking bowl, which allows you to drink at your own pace while the tea stays warm. Other options include mate gourds, Japanese shiboridashi teapots, and iced teas.

Beyond The Tea

Tea is amazing, even we'll admit you can’t survive on it forever. With that in mind you’ll find delicious food available at Bampot that ranges from well-known Mediterranean dishes (hummus, falafel, baklava, pita) to homestyle snacks (cheese and crackers, pistachios, cookies) to gluten-free options and a little bit of everything in between.

Our ingredients are locally sourced wherever possible, and our prices will keep you coming back for more. Tobacco-free hookahs are another treat we offer at Bampot, featuring every flavour of tea-leaf-based shisha we can get our hands on.

Tea-sha provides a smooth, flavourful smoke that is gentle on the throat and free of tar and nicotine. Unfortunately as of last year, Ontario has passed a new health regulation that bans the smoking of anything indoors. Sadly we've had to say good bye to our shisha.


On a night out at Bampot we want to make sure you’re enjoying every moment, which is why we provide a few different options for your amusement.

A wide variety of board games are available, with seating areas built to purpose where you can play with as many as 10 people.

We have every game you’ve heard of and many you haven’t, but if there’s anything we’ve missed just let us know and we’ll get it in for your next visit.

If your date is late or you’ve come by and you just don’t want to leave, you can pick up a book from our in-house library and read away the hours.

Live music or other types of shows are featured a few times each month, ranging from acoustic folk to captivating cabarets.

And finally our walls play host to an ever-changing collection of artwork by predominantly Canadian artists – and we’re always open to new submissions if you’ve got something beautiful to add.